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Downstream Forecast

The following graph shows how actual water releases from the Claytor Dam affect the past, current and projected water levels at Whitethorne Launch. Normally, water released from the dam takes about 8 hours to reach this location.

  • Forecasted Flow amounts are estimates based on past releases
  • Forecasted Arrival Times indicate when water that has been released is expected to reach Whitethorne Launch
The graph does not reflect additional weather events or inflows from other tributaries that feed into the New River upstream from Whitethorne Launch.

Water Flows

Additional Information

Current flow at Radford is 6720 cubic feet per second.

The National Weather Service also provides a forecast of water flows for this gauge.

Current flow at Glen Lyn is 10350 cubic feet per second.

Please see our map of key river locations downstream from Claytor Hydro.

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