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We're Here for You

We're Here for You American Electric Power is committed to the health and safety of our customers, communities and employees as we closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more


How we do business


An electricity transmission network stretching approx. 40,000 miles – the largest in the nation.

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Power Generation

Approx. 24,000 megawatts of generating capacity.

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Customer Service

Need help paying your bill, reporting an outage or service with your account? Choose an option below:

Our Regulated Companies

Seven regional electric utilities serving customers across 11 states.

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AEP Energy

A certified competitive retail electricity and natural gas supply provider for more than 400,000 residential customers and businesses.

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AEP Energy Partners

Offering customized wholesale power supply products based on the specific needs of your customers’ electric system.

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AEP Onsite Partners

A leading provider of behind-the-meter solutions that assist customers in saving energy and money.

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AEP Renewables develops, owns and operates large wind and solar energy projects.

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