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Wholesale Energy Suppliers

AEP Energy Partners (AEPEP) understands that each municipality, cooperative and utility customer has different power supply needs and risk profiles. As one of the largest wholesale suppliers in the country, AEPEP specializes in offering customized wholesale power supply products based on the specific needs of our customers’ electric system. AEPEP’s energy experts carefully balance the forces of price and risk to create the right power supply product at a competitive price.

Our Services

  • Customized solutions – As a supplier within ERCOT, MISO, PJM and SPP, AEPEP works closely with customers to create a power supply plan based on their unique energy needs.
  • Wholesale options – AEPEP offers a full suite of wholesale supply products including full requirements, partial requirements, fixed load shapes, blocks and virtual generation portfolios.
  • Renewables – AEPEP offers energy solutions such as solar, wind and energy storage to help customers more efficiently and reliably meet both their renewable energy goals and obligations, as well as energy needs without upfront costs.
  • Reliability – In today’s ever-changing market it is important to have a strong, creditworthy counterparty that will be there for the life of the partnership. AEPEP has a long history of service with clients and offers a very strong credit rating through its parent company, AEP.

Where We Serve

Contact Us

Brian Whitlatch, ERCOT, SPP & PJM
Managing Director, Energy Marketing
Columbus, OH 43215

Vince Findley, MISO & PJM
Managing Director, Energy Marketing
Columbus, OH 43215

Jessica Darling
Origination, Energy Marketing
Columbus, OH 43215

Maria Locastro
Originator Associate, Energy Marketing
Columbus, OH 43215

Benjamin Duckworth
Origination Manager, Energy Marketing
Columbus, OH 43215

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