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The Accelerated Payment Program gives you the flexibility to set payment terms and better manage timing of payments. Ultimately you can reduce your sales outstanding and better manage your cash flow.

The Accelerated Payment Program options:

Option 1: Standing Early Payment Option

Pays all of your invoices according to the standing early payment term you selected. Choose a standing early payment term:

  • 2% 10/Net 30
  • 1.5% 15/Net 30
  • 1% 20/Net 30

If AEP pays on the designated day (day 10, day 15 or day 20) the corresponding discount applies. If AEP pays before day 30 but after the designated date of your chosen payment term, a lesser discount is applied based on a sliding scale.

  • Payment is accelerated on every approved invoice.
  • Payment executed following invoice approval.
  • Opt-out at any time.

How to Sign Up

Option 2: "On Demand" Early Payment Option

Allows you to select which approved invoices to pay early. This term is applied to invoices the supplier chooses on an "on-demand" basis (invoice-by-invoice).

"On Demand" discount offers are calculated based on date of offer. Discounts are applied based on sliding scale.

  • If the On Demand discount offer is not accepted, the standard Net 45-day term is applied.
  • No discount is taken unless you accept the "On Demand" offer.

All suppliers have the option to sign-up for one of the two accelerated payment options.

How to Sign Up

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