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This page includes AEP's Dun & Bradstreet numbers, Federal ID numbers and direct pay permit numbers. Direct Pay Permit numbers are also available in our Accounts Payable section.

Dun & Bradstreet Numbers

Company NameD & B Number
American Electric Power Service Corp. 006979876
American Electric Power Company, Inc. 006979868

Federal ID Numbers

Company NameFederal ID Number
American Electric Power Energy Services31-1036996
American Electric Power Service Corp.13-4922641
Appalachian Power Company54-0124790
Central & South West Services, Inc.75-1296566
Texas Central Company74-0550600
Columbus Southern Power Company31-4154203
Indiana Michigan Power Company35-0410455
Kentucky Power Company61-0247775
Kingsport Power Company54-0272625
Ohio Power Company31-4271000
Public Service Company of Oklahoma73-0410895
Southwestern Electric Power Company72-0323455
Texas North Company75-0646790
Wheeling Power Company55-0309620
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