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We're Here for You American Electric Power is committed to the health and safety of our customers, communities and employees as we closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more


AEP, as a steward of the environment, is committed to the recycling of its coal combustion products (CCP) as well as the education and management of these materials. CCPs are important for the future of America as an effective, economical, environmentally and technically sound engineering material.

Over 30 years ago, AEP began marketing its experience in utilizing these abundant by-products. AEP continues to provide this knowledge to customers to ensure that the best marketing and engineering solution is practiced when using CCPs. At the same time, AEP is looking to the future searching for new applications to serve the growing needs of industrial and residential communities.

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For additional details on AEP's coal combustion products, please contact:
Darryl H. Scott
Manager – Reagents & CCP
American Electric Power
1 Riverside Plaza
Columbus, Ohio 43215

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