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As America's natural resources are consumed in greater quantities, the need for quality, inexpensive alternative aggregates becomes obvious. AEP has two products to fit this need: bottom ash and boiler slag.

Bottom ash is a granular material with the same upper and lower particle size limits as concrete sand. It is angular in shape and ranges in color from a medium brown or medium gray to almost black. Bottom ash is an abundant, economical and technically viable alternative for America's dwindling natural resources.

Boiler slag is also granular and angular, with almost the same particle size limits as bottom ash. It has a uniform shiny-black color, resembling crushed coal or black glass, but is very hard and abrasive. Because of its unique physical characteristics, AEP boiler slag is a very versatile product. Its color, granular consistency and hardness make it a preferred product in applications such as the manufacture of roofing shingle granules and as blasting abrasives.

Bottom Ash / Boiler Slag Applications

AEP bottom ash and boiler slag are routinely tested to ensure that each individual product is accurately characterized. They are both used in a variety of applications:

  • Snow and ice control
  • Structural embankments
  • Backfill/drainage media
  • Dry bedding
  • Raw material for cement manufacture

Additional Bottom Ash Applications

  • Concrete Block
  • Road Construction

Additional Boiler Slag Applications

  • Asphalt aggregate (flexible pavement)
  • Water filtration
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