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We're Here for You

We're Here for You American Electric Power is committed to the health and safety of our customers, communities and employees as we closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more


Our goal is to create a responsive, reliable and highly effective network of suppliers that deliver:

  • Quality products
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-time delivery

Supplier Registration & Login

Registering as a supplier enables your company to be considered, but does not constitute an obligation on AEP’s part to purchase products or services from your company.

Accounts Payable

Learn more about AEP's Net 45-day standardized payment term and the flexibility of our Accelerated Payment Program.

Learn more

AEP is committed to Supplier Diversity

AEP Supplier Diversity is committed to finding optimal suppliers within the small and diverse business community. Supplier Diversity partners with AEP Procurement, Supplier Development and business unit partners to provide maximum practicable opportunities for small and diverse businesses to participate in the acquisition process.

Core Businesses

  • Labor, HR & Professional Services
  • Fleet & Transportation
  • General Services
  • IT/Telecom/Cyber
  • Safety & Health, Environmental
  • Plant Materials & Equipment
  • Structures
  • Wire, Cable & Hardware
  • Transformers & Components
  • Protection & Controls
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Construction

We want our suppliers and business partners to reflect the diversity of our communities and customers we serve. AEP diverse partners are:

  • Minority-owned and controlled (51% or more)
  • Minority “controlled” enterprise 30%
  • Veteran-owned or service disable Veteran-owned (51% or more)
  • Woman-owned (51% or more)
  • Disadvantaged business
  • LGBT-owned
  • HUBZone

Potential and existing AEP suppliers are requested to complete a Diverse and Small/Large Business Self Certification Form.

AEP collects Tier 2 diversity spend information quarterly for all goods and services associated with AEP's work with prime suppliers and their diverse subcontractors. Reporting is collected through the PowerAdvocate tool.

For additional information or questions, contact us at

Supplier Diversity Resources

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