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We're Here for You

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Meeting Basic Needs

Brighter futures and stronger communities begin with safe, healthy families.

Running, laughing, learning come easily for well-nourished children. However, getting healthy meals to children in poverty so they may perform at their best can be a challenge, so the AEP Foundation helped. The Foundation gave Feeding America Southwest Virginia a $39,000 grant to purchase a new delivery van. The vehicle will deliver nearly 300 USDA-approved shelf-stable meals to Abingdon-area children who are at-risk of hunger.

Teams of female employees built homes in Virginia and Indiana, to provide women homeowners with safe places to call home. In Roanoke, VA, Appalachian Power Company employees who are part of Women’s International Network of Utility Professionals built a handicap access ramp from the driveway to the backdoor, and dug and framed a walkway from the front of the home to the street. Volunteers in Fort Wayne, IN, built two homes. They constructed a front porch, hung siding, installed hurricane clips, planted bushes and laid mulch.

Youngsters in Southeast Ohio learned to eat better with the help of a $5,000 contribution from AEP Ohio to Live Healthy Appalachia Kids. The 22–week program introduced them to healthy, nutritious food—especially fruits and vegetables—they may never have eaten before. The program also encouraged more daily physical activity for healthier living.

AEP Texas employees help build a home for Laredo Habitat for Humanity.
Employees from Appalachian Power volunteer at the Mountaineer Mobile Food Bank.
AEP Ohio volunteers in Cambridge help load trucks that deliver food throughout Guernsey County.
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