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Protecting the Environment

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly as the old song goes. AEP and the AEP Foundation assisted local groups and public agencies to demonstrate our commitment to improve natural habitats near our facilities.

SWEPCO Lake at the Flint Creek Plant in Gentry, AR, was the scene of an important fish habitat project. Together, SWEPCO associates and biologists with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission (AGFC) removed selected trees from the shoreline and placed them in the lake to improve the habitat for bass, crappie and other fish. Bundles of trees were loaded onto barges or towed to 60 new habitat sites, weighted down and sunk around the 500-acre lake. Moving the trees also opened the canopy allowing more sunlight to reach the forest floor.

When an injured Bald Eagle landed in Pittsylvania County, VA, several groups including Appalachian Power Company helped return it to nature. A doctor at the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center determined that the bird suffered from an enlarged heart, possibly due to ingesting heavy metals present in its diet. After about a week of receiving care and medication, the bird went to a small outdoor enclosure for observation. The majestic bird was cleared for take-off up-river from Appalachian Power’s Leesville Damn near Gretna, VA.

Butterflies, dragonflies and other insects are drawn to the wetlands built at Kentucky Power’s Big Sandy Plant in Louisa, KY.
After healing from an injury, a Bald Eagle made its triumphant return to nature from Appalachian Power Company’s Leesville Dam in Gretna, VA. (Photo by Leesville Campground)
SWEPCO employees and biologists with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission built a new fish habitat at SWEPCO Lake at the Flint Creek Plant in Gentry, AR.
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