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We're Here for You American Electric Power is committed to the health and safety of our customers, communities and employees as we closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more


California Residents

Under California law, a California resident has the right to request that a business disclose what personal information it collects, uses, discloses, and sells regarding that resident. To learn more about AEP’s commitment to privacy and to read more about information relevant to the California Consumer Privacy Act, please refer to AEP's Privacy Policy

California law requires that AEP specifically maintain this fillable form and notify California residents that they have the following rights regarding opting out:

  • The right to opt-out of the sale of personal information;
  • You may use the form below to opt-out or you may also email us at or through telephone at 1-833-795-1194;
  • If you utilize an authorized agent to exercise your right to opt-out, we may request information that confirms that the authorized agent has the ability to act as your agent such as proof of a Power of Attorney

To communicate with us and exercise your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act, you may fill out the form below:

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