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The Fairbanks Fish and Wildlife area is an 8,026 acre public hunting and fishing area located West of Fairbanks, Indiana in Sullivan County. The area consists of small woodlots surrounded by large crop fields for hunting. Although the area has a few ponds, there is 7 miles of fishing on the Wabash River. The area is a partnership with AEP and Indiana Fish and Wildlife. A permit is not required for this area but recreational users must sign in daily at the main check station. No Camping.


  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Running
  • Dog Running
  • Boating – Boat Ramp

Recreational Responsibility

It is the recreational users' as well as the hunters' and fishermen, etc. responsibility to know and respect the boundaries of this area and have all the licenses and permits needed while hunting, fishing, etc. in this area. All recreational users will be expected to respect the rights of private property owners in the area.

All recreational users are reminded that the rules and regulations for AEP's Recreation areas apply, as well as all of the state fishing and wildlife regulations. Driving off road in this area is not permitted. No ATV's are permitted.

For more information, call American Electric Power at 540-985-2579.

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